With over 25 years of continuous experience, SouthAmerican Seismic provides high quality onshore and shallow wáter acquisition services to the oil and gas industry. SouthAmerican Seismic utilizes the latest technologies in single or three-component recording systems, 4D permanent sensors, and single sensor or geophone arrays. Leading edge technology and higly trained crews allow s to deliver solutions ranging from 2D, 3D and 4D data acquisition to 3C and wireless data acquisition services Our environmentally tailored source technologies provides ease of access to difficult terrains while maintaining mínimum impact to the environment. The asset pool enable us to work closely with our clients to design and cunduct surveys that best meet their geophysical and budgetary objectives. We provide wireless recording systems solutions in order to address high demands for large cannel count operations in difficult environments. We are able to Access these areas by utilizing light weight sate-of-the-art systems offered in digital or analog versions and in real-time or autonomous modes. Our highly developed deployment capabilities are flexible, cost effective and have a proven track record for increased operationa efficiency in all types of onshore environments such as desert, mountains, forests and marsh áreas in both urban and rural settings.


Passive monitoring of microseismic events can créate valuable information on changes taking place within a reservoir through its production lifecycle. Seismic monitoring can be particularly effective during hydraulic fracturing operations as it can deliver clear insights into the impact of the fracturing exercise and how much reservoir is being stimulated for production. Confirmation that fractures are staying within the desired formations can also be obtained. Agreement with MSI.


A partnership agreement with Data Seismic (one of the largest processing companies in the region) allow us to provide full processing services for the projects acquired by our crews as well as processing or reprocessing projects recorded by third party operators. We can offer 2D/3D conventional processing. With capability and expertise we perform Pre-stack Time Migration and Pre-stack Depth Migration depending on the complexity of the Project.